What’s Do You Get? What’s Involved?

Please watch the short promotional video below to get a quick overview of what is included, how the design process works, and what happens after your one-page website gets published!

24 x Content Sections to Chose From

Use them all, or just a few, the choice is yours!

As part of your one-page website initial build, you can pick from the following content sections.


Hero Image

With two layouts to chose from, video or static image backgrounds and 2 x optional call-to-action buttons, what better way to kick start your website!


Client Logo Bar

Although we call this a client logo bar, you can use it for award, membership, sponsor logos and any other affiliations you wish to show accreditation to.



Powered by icons or by images highlight the features of your business. Unlimited number of possibilites available to you. Can also include hyperlinks to other content!



Include 1 to 4 key sub-topics about your business that help people understand who you are. If you upgrade later to a regular website, these sub-topics can power individual page content!


Video Lightbox

Enable visitors to view videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo. The video will apear in a lightbox that will provide unlimied focus on it’s content.



Share photos you’ve uploaded to WordPress or power your content from Flickr, Instagram or Facebook Albums!



Similar to Features, you can chose to use icons or images and then link to specific other content on your site!



Share your craft, talents, client case-studies and more by way of example with this handy “projects” feature.



Add a little fun to your site, share some engaging facts and figures about your business that will help your audience get to know you better!



Capture the thoughts of your current clients, by including their logo, name and business details as way of providing credit to you and your businesses talents.


Pricing Tables

Display 1 to 4 columns of options. Perfect for those who offer packaged services. Can include benefits, call-to-action button and more.


Call-To-Action Ribbon

Useful as a way of breaking up long sections of content, create focus and encourage viewers to take action!



Educate your audience about you as a small business, who your team mebers are and what makes them an asset to your organisation



This one page site can feature your latest 1 to 5 articles as headline features, that will allow visitors to click on and read in more detail. You have the power to publish unlimited articles with your onepage site.


Contact Details

Summarise the best methods for your prospective clients to get in contact with you!



Often used for promotions that slide onto screen to grab visitors attention, can be used instead of a hero bar, or reduced in height to be like a breaking news feature!


Google Map

Need people to find your offices, include a map powered by Google. We include the tool but Google will require you to buy a license of sorts to power this feature.


4 x Widget Footer

1-4 Footer Widgets can be sized narrow or wide to accomodate content that will show on every page of your website (should you upgrade later to a regular website).


Social Icon Links

Highlight all your social media platforms by their icons that link externally to your various social media profiles.


(Base) Footer

Finish your website with key busiess links to content like your privacy policy, copyright statement, and important information you need to publicise.


Unlimited Custom Sections

If you don’t find a solution in the sections above, we can customise exactly what you need. (Extra fee’s apply depending on nature of your request).


Enquiry Form

Collect your prospective views questions, queries that get emailed to your regular inbox. These forms can be simple or complex.


ENewsletter Registration

In the footer area of your website we can provide a simple one-field data capture form that directly feeds into your emailing list.


Navigation “DOTS”

When surfing up or down a single page website it’s helpful to show a navigation list, on the side of your screen that displays regardless of what you are looking at!

Quick & Easy to Launch

Why A One-Page Website?

One-page websites are great for standalone sales pages, new business start-ups needing a kick-ass digital business card whilst they get their business launched.

Perfect for Startups

Perfect For Start-Up’s

A one-page site allows you to create an online brand image, presence, and explain a little about who you are, how to contact you, how to connect with you on social media, in the same way, a business card or a small promotional flyer would work in the real world.

It helps support business plan’s, funding requests, bank account applications and all the business operational tasks you need to do, before your doors even open.

WordPress Platform

WordPress For Future Flexibility

WordPress is a platform that allows website designers, and developers to get their hands dirty behind the scenes and customise exactly what you want, the way you want it and when you want it.

As a new business, chances are you’ve no concept of what your demands on your website will be in 1, 2, 3 years from when you launch it.

By creating a one-page website on a WordPress platform, your site can start simple but has tremendous opportunity to then grow and scale, as and when you need it to. Meaning you don’t lose the time and effort invested, the framework exists ready for to add pages and product/services content at a later date.

Why McCall Media

Why McCall Media Ltd?

Having worked for more than 24 years as a freelancer, and single-person business operation herself, as well as a child-hood upbringing by parents who were both sole-traders. Angela (our MD) knows first hand the challenges a small business has in it’s daily operations.

This personal experience allows us to specialise in solopreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants, designers, and other professional service providers in other ways larger firms just “don’t get”.

Having set out as a software developer, Angela’s has the personal technical skill to hard-code and build websites, but by utilising the WordPress platform, our clients can manage their content whilst we maintain the structure and integrity of the sites techncial performance for them.

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SAVE Yourself £1000’s

We Beleive in a 100% Transparent Pricing – Let Us Prove It!

We believe in transparent pricing. We’ve nothing to hide.

You can follow our links to our suppliers to see the direct cost of purchasing a single licence for yourself, verse’s taking advantage of our technical abilities (which in itself is priceless) and agency blanket licence savings!!

Savings specific to this promotion


The normal one-time set-up price of our One-Page Website Package is £99+vat so you can save between £10 and £50 off of this fee, depending which pricing tier you purchase this offer at!
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One-Page Site Setup Fee Refunded!!

Regardless of what type of website you wish to upgrade to. If you upgrade within 6 months we’ll discount your upgrade fee by the cost you paid today!

3 x Months FREE Maintenance

All updates to themes, plugins, and wordpress itself, as well as backup integrity checks, managed for you, by us, giving you peace of mind it’s done right! A recurring monthly fee of £5 +vat for a small one page site, starts 3 calendar months after your website publication date, so you save another £15 + vat with this promotion.
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OUR Normal Website Service SAVINGS

1 x Hour Per Month Free Support

Once your website is published live, we provide one hour free support worth between £40 and £90 + vat per hour, per month. (The fee depends on the technical severity of the task you ask of us.)
An annual saving of between £480 to £1080 + vat.
[See McCall Media Ltd]

Weekly Backups

We provide your website with a backup plugin and automate a weekly backup. An annual saving of £54 + vat should you purchase your own back-up plugin licence.
[Visit Updraft Plus]


Depending on the theme you choose from our supplier, you save between £49 and £299 on the cost of purchasing your own theme!
[Visit FameThemes]

Unlimited Media Assets

Any images, video clips, sound effects and other media resources you need are included copyright free whilst your site remains under our management due to our agency licence. A saving of £170 + vat on an annual licence of your own!
[Visit Envato Elements]

FREE 3 x Professional Email Accounts

Using your website domain name we provide your with 3 basic email accounts for free worth £4 each + vat. A total saving of £144 + vat for the year!
[Visit Ionos]

Advanced Form Tools

Day one, you probably just need to collect the basics, but as your business grows, so can your enquiry form and ability to create unlimited advanced forms. We provide you with a WP Forms Plugin saving you £79 + vat per year!
[Visit WPForms]

FREE 1 x Domain Name

We’ll provide you with a free Domain Name of your choice, subject to availability, and that it’s price is £20 or less. For ANY domain name extention you may desire! An annual saving worth a maximum of £20 + vat
[Visit Ionos]

FREE Business Level Hosting

As a business, we want to ensure you start on the right path, which is why we provide you with Business Grade hosting Specific for WordPress websites which is £7 per month + vat. A annual saving of £84 + vat
[Visit Ionos]

McCall Media Club House – Free Standard MemberhsHip

Launching 1st March, gain our standard membership to our McCall Media Club House for free. Worth £27pcm + vat of an annual saving of £24+vat!

Your Website Evolution

What’s Not Included

WordPress Pages

The ability to publish unlimited blog articles are included at this level, but the ability to publish website pages is not. This level of service is available from our regular brochure style service and above.
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Want to Part Ways?

No problem, we love to work with small solopreneurial clients, so if you feel you’ve out grown us, we’ll package up your site, and assist with your domain name an emails transferal. We will charge for one hours work to manage this process at £60ph + vat. Then you can hand your site to your new website developer not having lost a thing! Please note, you will need to purchase your own licences for any products or services incorporated in your site, as you will no longer becovered by our own agency licenses.
[See McCall Media Ltd]


Regular Brochure Website

We’ll add the first 5 Pages to your site in addition we’ll move your About Section and Contact Section to their own dedicated pages. We’ll structure your navigation menus. Once updated to a regular site is complete, we’ll then train you to publish your own unlimited pages and manage your menus for ultimate DIY endless control.
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ECommerce Stores

Using the power of WordPress and WooCommerce we’ll convert your site into an online shopping store complete with payment merchants and first 20 items of stock. Once live, we’ll train you how to manage your stock yourself.
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Membership Sites

Put your programs, courses and other digital assets behind protected doors, and charge subscription fee’s for access!
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Professional Services


If your task goes beyond what we can do in your hours maintenance each month we will quote you specific to your needs as a mini project in it’s own right.


If you prefer us to do everything on your site for you, we can design a bespoke maintenance package that includes a number of hours labour each month at a discount rate compared to our normal adhoc services fee’s.


If there is a task you need help with, and we beleive our YouTube viewers would also benefit, then we will film a tutorial video on how to complete a task, entirely for free to help you and our viewers out! If we feature your business, you’ll gain exposure also – priceless!

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