24 x Content Sections to Chose From

Use them all, or just a few, the choice is yours!

As part of your one-page website initial build, you can pick from the following content sections.


Hero Image

With two layouts to chose from, video or static image backgrounds and 2 x optional call-to-action buttons, what better way to kick start your website!


Client Logo Bar

Although we call this a client logo bar, you can use it for award, membership, sponsor logos and any other affiliations you wish to show accreditation to.



Powered by icons or by images highlight the features of your business. Unlimited number of possibilites available to you. Can also include hyperlinks to other content!



Include 1 to 4 key sub-topics about your business that help people understand who you are. If you upgrade later to a regular website, these sub-topics can power individual page content!


Video Lightbox

Enable visitors to view videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo. The video will apear in a lightbox that will provide unlimied focus on it’s content.



Share photos you’ve uploaded to WordPress or power your content from Flickr, Instagram or Facebook Albums!



Similar to Features, you can chose to use icons or images and then link to specific other content on your site!



Share your craft, talents, client case-studies and more by way of example with this handy “projects” feature.



Add a little fun to your site, share some engaging facts and figures about your business that will help your audience get to know you better!



Capture the thoughts of your current clients, by including their logo, name and business details as way of providing credit to you and your businesses talents.


Pricing Tables

Display 1 to 4 columns of options. Perfect for those who offer packaged services. Can include benefits, call-to-action button and more.


Call-To-Action Ribbon

Useful as a way of breaking up long sections of content, create focus and encourage viewers to take action!



Educate your audience about you as a small business, who your team mebers are and what makes them an asset to your organisation



This one page site can feature your latest 1 to 5 articles as headline features, that will allow visitors to click on and read in more detail. You have the power to publish unlimited articles with your onepage site.


Contact Details

Summarise the best methods for your prospective clients to get in contact with you!



Often used for promotions that slide onto screen to grab visitors attention, can be used instead of a hero bar, or reduced in height to be like a breaking news feature!


Google Map

Need people to find your offices, include a map powered by Google. We include the tool but Google will require you to buy a license of sorts to power this feature.


4 x Widget Footer

1-4 Footer Widgets can be sized narrow or wide to accomodate content that will show on every page of your website (should you upgrade later to a regular website).


Social Icon Links

Highlight all your social media platforms by their icons that link externally to your various social media profiles.


(Base) Footer

Finish your website with key busiess links to content like your privacy policy, copyright statement, and important information you need to publicise.


Unlimited Custom Sections

If you don’t find a solution in the sections above, we can customise exactly what you need. (Extra fee’s apply depending on nature of your request).


Enquiry Form

Collect your prospective views questions, queries that get emailed to your regular inbox. These forms can be simple or complex.


ENewsletter Registration

In the footer area of your website we can provide a simple one-field data capture form that directly feeds into your emailing list.


Navigation “DOTS”

When surfing up or down a single page website it’s helpful to show a navigation list, on the side of your screen that displays regardless of what you are looking at!